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What is briquette plant and how to make a briquette plant?

What is briquette plant?

Briquetting Plant

Briquette plant, also called briquetting plant, is composed of a series of equipment to make briquettes, namely, to turn biomass waste, such as agricultural waste or forest and wood residues into biomass briquettes as renewable fuel for replacing traditional fossil fuel which is less environment-friendly and the price is hanging higher. Generally, agricultural waste such as rice husk, wheat straw or corn stalks will be burnt on the farmland, and forest or wood waste from saw mills or lumber factories will be used as fuel directly without processing. Eventually, the thermal value of those biomass materials cannot be fully used. Aside from the low efficiency of combustion, a slew of fume and plume of smoke will be straightforward emitted out to the open air. Therefore, air pollution will go from bad to worse. The most disappointing is that added value of the potential fuel material is in vain. As it stands, briquette plant or briquette project is aimed at enhancing the utilization rate of biomass materials and we can make the best use of wasted biomass substance to elevate business activities to a new high in a green way.

The main portion of a briquette plant goes to briquette machine or briquette press, with other accessory equipment like wood chipper, crusher, dryer, packing machine and so on. Through a briquette plant or briquette project, wasted biomass material will be compacted with super high density for the convenience of combustion. Not only will the combustion rate and added value be increased, but also a great contribution can be made to environment protection and reduction of greenhouse gases. In the wake of development of renewable energy and constantly increasing fuel prices, to build a briquette plant is a better way of offering the world with more replaceable green energy and expanding business range and win extensive market for farmers, plantation owners, forest or lumber businessmen or saw mill owners.

Residues like sawdust, rice husks, cotton stalks, almond shells, peanut shells, bark, branches and leaves, coffee husks and other biomass materials can be processed into solid fuel through the briquette machine. In this way, biomass is utilized in an efficient manner for energy purpose, which is becoming a popular way to get the maximum energy throughput and well received by an increasing number of people.
Biomass briquette machine has the features of high performance and eco-convenient way of fuel briquettes providing. It offers the way to obtain energy briquettes without any smoke or ash produced. This is the reason why briquette machines are becoming more and more popular into the industries and widely accepted by vast number of people.
Due to the features of environmental friendly and high combustion efficiency, biomass briquettes may play an important role in the future use of fuels. As a result, briquette machine would be the most favorable energy saving technique through which the redundant biomass materials are disposed efficiently.

How to make a briquette plant or briquette project?
Briquette Plant
To establish a briquette factory is not a tough challenge. Nonetheless you are supposed to take something into consideration before starting up the plant.
1. You should have rich wasted material resources to constantly supply the briquette plant. That means you also have to ensure how many kinds of raw materials you will put into production and whether you need to mix them or produce briquettes from them separately. According to your idea, Kingman will offer you the best option for setting up a briquette plant.

2.How much space can you provide to establish a briquette plant? Specifically, you should consider the space for installation of equipment, furthermore, finished product from the plant will occupy more space than that for equipment. Namely, space for briquette storage.

3. Some factors to assure you briquettes are of good quality.
  • Size of raw material
  • Moisture content of raw material
  • Type of raw material
  • Purity of raw material

4.Advantages of setting up briquetting plant
•Briquettes are cheaper than coal.
•Oil, coal or lignite, once used, cannot be replaced.
•High sulfur content of oil and coal, when burnt, pollutes the environment.
•There is no sulfur in Briquettes.
•Biomass briquettes have a higher practical thermal value and much lower ash content (2-10% as compared to 20-40% in coal).
•There is no fly ash when burning briquettes.
•Briquettes have consistent quality, have high burning efficiency, and are ideally sized for complete combustion.
•Combustion is more uniform compared to coal and boiler response to changes in steam requirements is faster due to higher quantity of volatile matter in briquettes.
•Briquettes are usually produced near the consumption centers and supplies do not depend on erratic transport from long distances.
•Compared to fire wood or loose biomass, briquettes give much higher boiler efficiency because of low moisture and higher density.
•Briquettes, are easy to store, pack and hygienic to handle.

 For more information, you can also check out Kingman Technique and technological process. If you want to purchase briquette machine or briquette plant, please feel free to contact us.

The Prospect of Briquettes Making Machine
Kingman briquettes making machine and biomass briquette machine will bring you a lucrative biomass briquette and charcoal fuel market. Hereby we can map out the prospect of using briquettes making machine and and biomass briquette machine.

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