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Air blast dryer and rotary dryer

Now, there are mainly two types of dryer which are widely used in the briquetting process. They are air blast dryer and rotary dryer. Next, we would like to introduce them separately. The clients can chose the proper type of machine according to the different features, prices of machine and differnt materials.

Air blast dryer
HGJ Drying System

During the briquetting process, the function of air blast dryer is to dry the material rapidly, which can improve the efficiency and effect of briquette making process. In the equipment of drying process, cyclone separator is the most important part. For the operator which has a certain understanding of air blast dryer or has much experience, they are familiar with the working principle of air blast dryer. It means that the sawdust or other material goes into the tube and the material are heated to reduce the moisture content. At last, the drying material is separated with hot air by the cyclone separator. Therefore, the material is dried. During the whole drying process, the function of cyclone separator is to reduce the mixed impurities or solid pellet in the conveying material, so the hot air and drying material are separated, which make the briquette machine work normally. From the work principle of air blast dryer, the structure of it is vey simple and easy in operation. So the air blast dryer has less failure rate. one thing should be pay attention to is that the material of different manufactures are varied, it is necessary to adjust the drying equipment on the basis of moisture content, to achieve the best effect, and the finished product has the best quality.
Rotary dryer
HGJ Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary dryer is fit for the material with high moisture content. The material for briquette must be dried first. If the material are not dried completely, the result is not very good, which will affect the operation of the whole production line. When the moisture content of material is 8-12%, the briquetting effect is the best. Of course, some of the material maybe very wet, the result is not very good even after several time of drying. At this time, the rotary drier is the best choice to develop its advantages. The rotary drier has compact structure, simple operation and high efficiency etc, it also can process various kinds of materials, so it has been widely used in many industries. Due to the machine are varied in model and function, the clients are puzzled for purchasing. Our company has many years experiences of manufacturing drier, the advantages are like below:
1.  one of the most important measures of testing the capacity of drier is to dry the material with special features, like the ability of reducing moisture content, production amount and the effect to the feedstock. If these factors are not considered, the process of drying means nothing.
2.  The high efficiency rotary drier can bring economic benefit to the clients. If you have enough money, the high grade rotary drier is suggested.
3.  The rotary drier has high energy consumption. The low energy consumption drier is more popular among the users.
At present, the rotary drier can be used in many fields. It not only applied in agriculture but also in mining industry. As the applying is more widely, people have much higher demand toward the rotary drier. To make it more green and efficiently, it can make a great contribution to the development of machinery industry. 


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