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After the work of briquette machine, the finished product of briquettes can be packed and sold directly to realize your desire for earning quick money. But there is still another way of having the added value of briquettes increased. Namely, Carbonization. It is called a great transformation and revolution of biomass material. In the wake of transforming engetic structure of the world, biomass energy will account for an even bigger proportion within the renewable energy circle. Carbonization of briquettes as a technological breakthrough of briquetting prodution will have the renewable bio-coal comsuption enhance to a new high. Therefore, a  carbonizing furnace will be imperative during the process in this regard.

This furnace offered by KMEC is a kind of ideal equipment to have  wood briquettes undergo the course of anoxic distillation carbonization.
Due to its rational structure, the furnace only needs small quantity of heat consumption.
Adopting Superheated Stream cooling system, the furnace thus can speed up the cooling process, improve the quality of charcoal, and reduce the production cycling time.
Its horizontal condenser can retrieve much wood tar.Many years production practice has proved that brick kiln can do the same work and possesses many advantages, so we suggest the use of brick kiln too.
KINGMAN(KMEC) can also offer you customized Furnace to cater to different demands for briquette carbonization.

Parameter Table:
Model Name Power(kw) Yield Packing Size(m) Weight(kg) Cubic Meter(m3)
THL-01 Carbonizing Stove(natural type) 4 0.6-0.8ton/60h 2*2*2 1900  
THL-02 Carbonizing Stove 4 1-1.5tons/60h 2.32*1.61*2.2 3500 3
THL-03 Carbonizing Stove 4 1.5-2tons/60h 3.3*2*2 4000 5
THL-04 Carbonizing Stove 4 1.5-2.5tons/60h 2.8*2.*2 4500 6
THL-05 Carbonizing Stove 4 2.5-3.5tons/60h 4.5*2*2 7500 8
THL-06 Carbonizing Stove(hoisting type)   0.8-1ton/16h 1.92*1.92*1.9 2800  
THL-07 Inner Frame(for THL-06)     1.5*1.5*1.5 210  

Test Report on Finished Charchoal Bars Made from Sawdust
No.  Test Type Sawdust Charcoal
1 Moisture Content (%wt) : 7.11
2 Ash Content (%wt) :  11
3 Fixed Carbon (%wt) : 73
4 Calorific Value Kcal/kg : 7000
5 Volatile matter (%): 8.6
6 Smell : Acceptable Wood Smell
7 Smoke : Burning Without Smoke
8 Hardness : Normal
9 Sulphur(%): 0.061

Carbonisation (or partial pyrolysis) drives off volatile compounds to leave more or less pure carbon; the biomass is heated within a critical temperature band(about 300 Degrees Celsius) but with a restircted supply of air so that it does not ignite. Various process options are available including simple earth kilns to more complex retorts that make use of the volatile compounds in heating the process.
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