Biomass Briquetting Equipment

ZBJ-YY Briquette Press

The ZBJ-YY series briquetting presses put into use a high-performance hydraulic propelling device which is well-known for extruding biomass pellets with highly compacted structure, featuring durability, smooth surface and various different shapes.Equipped with a pressure cylinder made from top-notch steel and highly wear resistant. Besides, the automatic rotating extractor can keep the feeding constantly and ensure stable production.The scope of material application also covers straw residues, wasted papers, sawdust, wasted clothes and other wood or biomass wastes.
The ZBJ-YY hydraulic briquetting press can produce biomass briquettes in hexagon, round, octagon and various other shapes, with the thickness of the briquettes adjustable. And briquettes with customized shape are also achievable. Furthermore, moulds can be manufactured in a customized way according to your requests.

Briquetting press

Parameter table:
Model Power(kw) Yield(kg/h) Density Mode of Temp Control Packing Size(mm) Gross Weight(kg) Net Weight(kg)
ZBJ-YY70 7.5 250-300 550-600 PID 5000*600*1300 1100 1000
ZBJ-YY80 7.5 280-320 550-600 PID 5000*600*1300 1100 1000
ZBJ-YY90 11 300-350 550-600 PID 5000*600*1300 1100 1000
ZBJ-YY100 11 350-400 550-600 PID 5000*600*1300 1150 1050
ZBJ-YY120 15 400-450 550-600 PID 5000*600*1300 1200 1100


1.  Application:
Briquetting all kinds of wood waste, straw residues, waste paper, plastics to large masses. Briquettes are high density bio-energy products.
Briquettes shapes: rectangle, octagon, hexagon, round, etc.

2. Characteristic:
1>    High-performance hydraulic propelling device allows briquettes to be tightly compacted with smooth surface, durable usage and to be carried and stored simply.
2>    Briquettes shapes can be designed based on customers’ requirements.
3>    High strength hydraulic system can supply sufficient compressing drive. And with its cooling system, machine can run sufficiently.
4>    Imported material and high wear resistant pressure cylinder.
5>    Automatic rotating extractor feeds constantly to ensure stable and sustainable production.
6>    Briquettes’ thickness can be adjusted.
7>    Wood wastes and straw stalk can be pressed into briquettes.
8>    Same quality and performance as European standards yet at a lower price.
9>    Company’s logo can be engraved on the briquettes by designing briquette presses specially.

3.  Sawdust briquetting press
Sawdust briquetting press is used to briquette of agro-waste for fuel. In brief, we can describe, briquette machinery is machinery which is capable of binding any type of ago forestry waste into finished product.  Also, this machine could be used in the field of charcoal briquetting or any other fuel briquetting.

The briquetting raw materials contain sawdust, cotton salk, cotton flower etc.
4.  Quality Guarantee Terms
Quality guarantee term extends for one year. Any broken parts caused by the machine-itself and inner quality flaws will be offered with replacement from KINGMAN. Other problems which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be due to the customer.

5. Electricity situation
All of the machines listed above are matched with Chinese Standards upon electricity situation: 380 Volts, 50Hz, 3 phases. If you have special electricity requirements on the machines, extra costs of electricity triggered by the special requirements shall be paid.

KMEC, an eminent briquette press manufacturer
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as KMEC and we have achieved a lot in the fields of briquetting machinery. KMEC is honorable organization and earn prestige in the briquetting field.  KMEC is a professional briquetting machine manufacturer with years of experience on biomass/charcoal/coal briquetting. We supply various briquetting equipments ranging from small briquetting machine to large briquetting project.

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