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Rotary carbonization furnace

The environmental protection type rotary carbonization furnace is an ideal equipment for distillation and anaerobic carbonization of sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, straw, tree bark and other carbonaceous biomass materials (diameter <15mm) in high temperature.

rotary carbonization furnace

The rotary carbonization furnace uses the advanced technology of recycling, purification and cyclic combustion of combustible gas (CO, CH4, O2, etc) generated in the carbonization process. This technology solves the pollution problem of dense smoke produced by common carbonizing furnace in carbonization process and solves the heat energy required by the equipment when carbonizing. Fully achieve self-suporting, improve the continuity and economical efficiency of the equipment and fully make use of agriculture and forestry residues, ease the tension contradiction of supply and demand of forestry resources in our country, contributing to greening of the environment.

Click to see the video of sawdust carbonization with rotary carbonization furnace.

Main parts of rotary carbonization furnace:
Coal-gas producer, diesel combustion engine, gas cleaner, fan blower, gas burner, carbonization furnace, etc. (Please see the attached pictures).
Main parts of rotary carbonization furnace
The machine uses the destructive distillation method and takes full advantage of CO, CH4, H2 and other combustible gas produced in carbonizing process. Through the flue gas purification system, the wood tar acid solution would be separated and the pure combustible gas is obtained, and then through the full combustion of air distribution burner to heat the high temperature carbonization pipes (the temperature is controlled at 600℃).

The rotary carbonization furnace has two layers of pipe from top to bottom. The first layer is preheating and drying pipeline and the second layer is high temperature carbonization pipeline. The first layer is provided with an independent exhaust pipe, which is mainly used to discharge the water vapor. The pipe makes use of the waste heat in the furnace to dry the materials and the water vapor is discharged from the exhaust pipe. The second layer is also provided with an independent combustible gas recovery pipeline. High temperature carbonization of material is made in the carbonization pipe to decompose the carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen and other combustible gases. The pipe is heated by the recycling pipe, flue gas purification system and combustion of burner to achieve the effect of reciprocating heating and carbonizing. The ignition source of first carbonizing is provided by the gas generator or diesel combustion machine.

finished product of carbonization furnace

Technical parameters of carbonization furnace:
Main Motor
Adjustable speed motor 380V/50HZ Power  7.5+3kw
Fan Blower Adjustable speed motor 380V/50HZ Power  5.5kw
Feeding Adjustable speed motor 380V/50HZ Power  3kw
The temperature of high temperature carbonization pipelines:500℃-700℃     
Temperature in carbonization furnace:350℃-500℃

Be sure to open the side touchhole in the initial ignition and flameout in the production of rotary carbonization furnace to prevent deflagration caused by ignition of too much combustible gas in the furnace that would harm the personal safety.
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