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Video of sawdust carbonization with rotary carbonization furnace

The rotary carbonization furnace is an ideal equipment for distillation and anaerobic carbonization of sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, straw, tree bark and other carbonaceous biomass materials with the diameter of less than 15mm in high temperature. The following is the video of sawdust carbonization with the rotary carbonization furnace:

The rotary carbonization furnace uses the advanced technology of recycling, purification and cyclic combustion of combustible gas generated in the carbonization process. It solves the pollution problem of dense smoke produced by common carbonizing furnace in carbonization process and solves the heat energy required by the equipment when carbonizing. Fully achieve self-suporting, improve the continuity and economical efficiency of the equipment and fully make use of agriculture and forestry residues, ease the tension contradiction of supply and demand of forestry resources in our country, contributing to greening of the environment.

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