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Machine faults and maintenance of briquette machine

Briquette machine is the major equipment engaged in the production of biomass briquettes and plays a quite important role. The maintenance of briquette machine at ordinary times must be made in the process of production so that the machine failure can be found timely. Generally, when the briquette machine is out of order, the following performance would appear: the briquette machine runs slowly; briquettes producing speed is lower than usual; briquettes produced by the briquette machine are easily broken or not molding; the abrasive tool or propeller is easy to wear; the length of briquettes can not meet the requirement, etc. When that happens, the operator should immediately stop the briquette machine and make immediate all-round checks on the machine to find out the reason for the appropriate remedy, in order to minimize business losses.

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It is believed that a lot of people are not strange for briquette machine, which is often used in many areas of our lives. However, many people only pay attention to the utilization of briquette machine, and neglecting the maintenance measures before and after using the briquette machine, which will severely reduce the service life of briquette machine and are prone to lead to machine failure. The following are some matters needing attention in the briquette machine maintenance.
First, we should notice that before using the briquette machine for sale, be sure to check each part of the equipment, and whether there is abnormal situation.
Second, the raw material had better be processed before mixing to reduce the damage to the briquette machine.
Third, when the material feed opening get blocked, the operator should dredge it with wood as soon as possible, or it will lead to the machine malfunction.
Fourth, the operator should pay attention to add lubricating oil to the bearing of briquette machine for sale regularly, so that the equipment can be kept in normal work, and the working efficiency will be higher. Stop feeding first before stopping the briquette machine.
Fifth, in the process of using briquette machine for sale, we should pay attention not to exceed the load of the briquette machine, which would produce large influence on the equipment and easy to lead to machine failure. We can also adjust the degree of feeding and water content  according to the current meter.
Above are the maintenance items of briquette machine for sale, which should be done to make the briquette machine offering better service for us. KMEC provides all kinds of briquette machine for customers all over the world, if you are interested in our briquette machine for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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