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What is the advantage of carbonizing furnace?

Carbonizing furnace is one of the main products developed by continuous innovation of our company to guarantee the quality of charcoal. Surface oxidation of briquettes- semi-finished products, in the carbonizing furnace occur after ignition and burn (no flame). The heat generated would make briquettes decomposed and carbonized. Combustible gas, tar and char would be produced in the process of decomposition. The combustible gas is combined with a small amount of oxygen in the furnace to produce more heat, which further maintains the temperature in the furnace, and satisfies the heat required for the decomposition of the briquettes.

carbonizing furnace

1. No heating equipment need to be used with carbonizing furnace.
Heat needed in the carbonizing of briquettes comes from its surface spontaneous combustion (namely flameless oxidation) and oxidation of combustible gas in the furnace. Thus, electricity, gas, coal and firewood are not needed and it doesn't need any additional heating equipment.
2. The process of carbonizing furnace is mature, easy to operate, easy to master, safe and reliable.
Spontaneous combustion carbonizing furnace has a history of more than ten years and the operation craft is mature. After ignition of carbonizing furnace, the change rate of furnace temperature can be changed by adjusting the air volume to meet different requirements of charcoal quality. Therefore, it can be used to make low temperature charcoal and high temperature charcoal. In the process of operation, the operator only need to master ignition and air volume adjustment technique. In addition, the carbonizing furnace is connected with the outside world through the large diameter chimney. Thus, there is no the hidden safety danger caused by excessive pressure of pipe blockage.
3. High output and good quality of carbonized furnace.
The effective volume of self-combustion carbonizing furnace can be greater than 5M3. The carbonizing rate of spontaneous combustion type is higher, which can reach more than 40 %.
4. Long service life and low maintenance cost.
Earth kilns exit the market slowly due to environmental and production problems. The carbonizing effect can be achieved in 7 hours when using carbonizing furnace.

The full set of charcoal production machine includes: wood crusher, dryer, briquette machine for sale and carbonizing furnace. Each equipment plays an important role in the production of high quality charcoal.
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