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The advantages of making fodder with straw briquette machine

Straw resources is rich in our country. According to the statistics, the annual output of various kinds of crops straw can reach six hundred million tons, twenty to thirty percent of the world total output of straw. It is more than 50 times the amount of the mow grass in northern grassland. There is a shortage of feed grain as the demand for feed increases in each country. Ruminants and other herbivorous livestock that account for a large proportion in animal husbandry take grass and some roughage as staple food. It forces people to try to use the roughage and straw to develop animal husbandry, and priority to the development of the herbivorous livestock. The following are the advantages of making fodder with straw briquette machine.

straw briquette machine

1. Small size and large capacity. Generally, the unit weight of forage and straw is 20-50 kilograms per cubic meter, and after being compressed into briquettes, its unit weight is 800kg to 1000kg per cubic meter, which is convenient for storage and transportation. It is nonflammable as well. In ventilation, moisture-proof and waterproof conditions, the storage life is 2--3 years or longer.
2. Fine palatability. Briquette fodder has unique and rich paste aroma, high degree of maturation, and it has a good effect of feeding attraction. And it can reduce metabolic disease, beneficial to animal health.
3. Good nutrition composition and high absorption rate. Generally, the crude protein of briquette fodder can reach more than 6 percent, which is equivalent to nutrition level of medium pasture. The intake rate can be up to 99 %, and the absorption rate can be up to 60 %.
4. Less feeding loss. The feed loss is about 30 percent of the loss of feeding grass. The loss of the bale feeding is about 15 percent, and the briquette fodder feeding is less than one percent, which increases the utilization of the feed and saves the cost of feeding.
5. Convenient feeding. Both wet feeding and dry feeding can be realized, which saves labor, effort and time, and convenient for the mechanization of feeding.
6. Reduce pollution. The comprehensive utilization of straw and return the farmland to the field realize the virtuous cycle of agriculture, reduce the use and pollution of fertilizer, and improve the efficiency of planting industry.

Straw briquette machine is the professional equipment that can be used to compresses biomass materials like straw into efficient, environment friendly fuel or fodder. It has high automation, low price, less consumption and simple operation. If you are interested in our biomass briquetting plant for sale, welcome to contact us to get more information about the equipment.

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