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Application of automatic temperature control in briquette machine

With the improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements for quality of life and living environment are also put forward. Aiming at the social situation and opportunity, some customers purchased the whole set of briquette machine equipment. People who have no contact with the equipment don't know how to use this device and also the basic production process of a complete set of briquette machine equipment. The following is a brief introduction to the production process of briquette machine.

automatic temperature control of briquette machine
Production process of briquette machine equipment: raw material - crushing - drying - briquetting - carbonizing. The main equipment: wood crusher machine, dryer, briquette machine, carbonizing furnace. Briquette machine and drying machine are the special machine for making charcoal. The drying machine has the function of automatic feeding and drying and the discharge of the material is natural falling. It can support the production of four briquette machines. Briquette machine with automatic temperature control can adjust the density of the briquette at any time. This technology can guarantee the good quality of product. The tree branches, leaves, sawdust and other crops can be used as raw materials to make charcoal through crushing and pressing, which can replace the traditional coal as a new kind of fuel.
We know that charcoal can be used for heating and fuel of barbecues and hot pot. If fact, charcoal also has a lot of special effects in our daily life. First, charcoal can be used as the desiccant. Countless holes in the charcoal has the function of adsorption that it can be put in the room to regulate the humidity as well as eliminate the smell of the room and harmful substances, etc. Ornamental charcoal can absorb harmful substances in the air after decorating. In addition, the porous charcoal can improve the permeability and drainage of the soil and provide a healthy environment for plants to grow. The charcoal has also an amazing effect, which is to adsorb impurities in water of fish tanks. It can also be used as deodorant in the refrigerator.

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