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The cause of banging noise of biomass briquette machine

Sometimes, the banging noise would appear in the process of  biomass briquette machine, it may be caused by the following reasons:

biomass briquette machine

(1) improper temperature control;
(2) too large moisture content of raw materials;
(3) the wear of propeller;
(4) the pivot is not straight;
(5) the vent hole blocks;
(6) head screw of propeller is too big or too small;
(7) badly wear of sleeve.

1, If no briquette can be produced in the biomass briquette machine, it may caused by too high or too low heating temperature, badly wear of forming sleeve, incorrect angle of propeller or too large moisture content of raw materials.                                       
2, When the biomass briquette machine is in normal operation, biomass briquettes are extruded from the sleeve evenly. The color of briquettes should be dark brown with uniform hardness, smooth surface, no crack, and the surface and exhaust of the center holes should also be smooth.
3, If there is light on the cross section of biomass briquette with good density but poor hardness, this is caused by too steep of the initial place of head screw, which should be polished more smooth.
4, Too large moisture of raw materials is easy to lead to transverse cracks on biomass briquettes, while if the moisture content is too small, it would lead to longitudinal crack. In addition, excessive heating temperature would result in excessive softening of raw materials, causing underfeeding and finally lead to cracks.
5, Generally, the solution for underfeeding is to increase the screw diameter or grind screw wall, increase the span between the screws. If the center of biomass briquette has small density or contains scattered sawdust, this is due to the diameter wear of the pivot in the propeller, which should be welded again. However, if the pivot is not straight, it would also lead to the above problems. Then, the operator should correct it under high temperature.
6, Larger particles and solid impurities are mixed in raw materials. The voltage or heating temperature is lower so that raw materials have large moisture. For the former condition, the operator need to stop the biomass briquette machine and remove the impurities. For the latter, continue to heat to soften the materials or dry them again.

As we know, all sorts of problems would appear in the use of biomass briquette machine, which should be solved timely to ensure the normal operation of biomass briquette machine.If you want to know more details of the briquette machine, wood crusher machine, hammer mill, packing machine or carbonizing furnace produced by our company, please feel free to contact us.

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