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General precautions in carbonization of carbonizing furnace

Carbonizing furnace is a key step in the production of carbonized charcoal. Carbonization is the high temperature operation, and there are many matters needing attention during the operation. Paying attention to detail can ensure the quality of products. The following is about the safety production of the carbonizing furnace which most of our customers are concerned about.

carbonizing furnace

First, if the carbonizing furnace needs to be turned off when lighted for the first time or used halfway, the operator must close the side door. Because the high temperature will continue for a period of time in the furnace, it means that the reaction of materials in the carbonizing furnace does not stop immediately when turning off the fire. Instead, the material reacts continuously and produces the combustible gas. If the side door is not open, it would lead to excessive gas in the furnace, which would explode easily when being ignited and bring great harm to the safety.

Second, the material through high temperature carbonization can be rekindled easily. Thus, the finished product need to be put outside for cooling for more than 8 hours, prevent the fire resurgence. The whole process of material carbonizing is carried out under the high temperature, thus we should pay special attention to the safety of the staff and machinery.

The application amount of charcoal is constantly rising and there are more and more charcoal being used in our daily life and industrial production. For example, charcoal can be used in barbecue and its smokeless and tasteless features make it more and more popular with people; it is also the ideal material for warming in winter. Charcoal can be used in steel mills in order to achieve the purpose of slow cooling. 

Due to the wide application of charcoal, the market demand is becoming larger. Using charcoal produced by briquette machine and carbonizing furnace to replace the original kiln firing charcoal can greatly reduce the production cost and bring more profits.

Our company has won the favor of customers with good reputation and high quality charcoal making machine. Briquette machine and carbonizing furnace produced by our company are popular all over the country and receive high praise among the customers.

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