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Application of charcoal produced by briquette machine

The charcoal produced by briquette machine and carbonizing furnace is also called machine-made charcoal. It is one of the popular fuel on the market at present. However, a lot of people have a little knowledge on the use of the machine-made charcoal. In the following content, we would like to explain the application of charcoal in detail.

charcoal production with briquette machine

The machine-made charcoal has been widely used in various fields in recent years. It is the charcoal of environmental protection and produced though high temperature and high pressure extrusion and molding of carbon containing crops, sawdust, tree branches and other raw materials with briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. Main uses of machine-made charcoal can be divided into the following points:

1. Industry
Suitable for purification of drinking water of industrial production, boiler crude-water purification in the power plant, air purification, vehicle exhaust recycling, precious metal refining and used as the carrier of catalysis.
Metallurgy: reducing agent of steel-making and iron-making, heat preservation agent of steel ingot, electrode for aluminium metallurgy.
Chemical industry: used in the production of carbon disulfide, calcium carbide, carbon tetrachloride, etc.
Applicable to the charcoal ink factory, activated carbon factory, steel mills, copper factory, mosquito coil incense factory, rubber factory, thermal insulation material plant that takes charcoal as raw materials (150000 tons of charcoal are needed as activated carbon in a medium-sized silicon factory per year).

2. Agriculture
Improve the ground temperature: because the black charcoal particles can absorb the sun's heat, after applying charcoal powder in the soil, the soil temperature rises, which would promote the seed germination and improve the germination rate.
Soil improvement, keep soil moisture.
Controlled release formulations of pesticide and fertilizer - (change soil acidity, increase the CO2 content in the soil, adsorb harmful metals in the soil and increase soil microbial activity).

3. Food
As the food additive in food brewing, smoked Fried tea, etc.
For decolorization and refining of sucrose, glucose, xylose, ribose, caramel, lactose and other sugars;
As deodorant of food preservatives, large-scale freezer and refrigerator.

4. Medicine
Used for decolorization, purification and refining of chemical reagent, biological pharmaceutical raw materials and other products and to remove the “pyrogen” of injection.

5. Environmental protection, construction and ceramics
It can be used as snow removal agent and desiccant for environmental protection and also be used as special filling material of building concrete, insulation materials, refractory materials, etc. When firing ceramics, using machine-made briquette charcoal as fuel can improve the quality of product of pottery and porcelain.

6. Animal husbandry
It can be used as feed admixture to accelerate the growth of livestock and poultry, improve livestock and poultry digestion, disease-resistant ability and helpful for corral deodorant.

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