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Common mistakes in the use of briquette machine

In many cases, problems appearing in the using of briquette machine are not caused by poor equipment quality, but caused by the irrational application of the operator. In order to ensure the smooth production of your briquette machine, we summarized the common mistakes that easy to appear when using the briquette machine for sale, hope that the operator can them keep in mind:


1, Hard materials mixed in the raw materials
Briquette machine belongs to high pressure equipment, which press loose materials into biomass briquettes with large pressure. However, if hard material is contained in raw materials fed in the briquette machine in the extrusion process, such as stones, metal and other impurities of high hardness, it would lead to serious wear or even directly result in damage of briquette machine.
2, Overload operation
Any device has rated working load, once the briquette machine for sale is in overload operation, it will significantly shorten its service life. Thus, it the briquette machine is used in high strength and overload operation for a long time, the failure frequency will be increased significantly.
3, Lacking of professional maintenance
In the daily usage of briquette machine, only constant maintenance can give full play to the mechanical performance of briquette machine and prolong its service life. However, there is no professional maintenance personnel in some enterprises when in the use of the briquette machine. When encountering some machine faults, the non-maintenance personnel would make disorderly adjustment for the briquette machine, especially for some important components. If the briquette machine is assembled improperly after disassembly, it will bring serious hidden dangers for the running of briquette machine for sale.
4, Badly worn of key components
The performance of key components is of great significance to the operation of briquette machine, and some users don't pay attention to the lubrication and maintenance of the key components when in use of briquette machine and make it operate under the wear conditions, which would accelerate the wear, reduce the efficiency of the briquette machine for sale and also seriously affect its service life.

The above are some common mistakes when in use of briquette machine and we hope that users would pay more attention in the future when operating the briquette machine for sale. KMEC has years of briquette machine, wood crusher machine, conveyer equipment manufacturing experience. The technicians of our company would make installation and debugging for every user using our equipment and teach them techniques for using briquette machine more efficiently.

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