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Components of briquette machine

At present, the mechanical products in our country is constantly updated. Briquette machine is the molding equipment in the production of charcoal. Its internal structure production parts lay the conditions for the production of high-quality charcoal. The running power of the motor used is higher, it can work for continuous production. The thickness of the bearing is also increased to make the strength of integral structural guaranteed. In the actual production process, there won't be charcoal fracture phenomenon, which stabilizes the quality of production. In order to be able to make high quality charcoal, the design of the forming cylinder is more reasonable, which enhances the wear resistance and improves the service life. Combining the inner core parts of briquette machine is the key to improve the efficiency of production, which lays the foundation for the production of high quality charcoal.

components of briquette machine

The propeller, forming cylinder and heating ring have been instrumental in the manufacturing process of charcoal. What the causes of overheating of the heating ring when it comes to working? When the heating ring of briquette machine is heating, the first thing that need to check is whether the rated number of the working voltage is accord with the standard. When the number exceeds the rated voltage of the prescribed, it would lead to heating phenomenon of the heating ring. During the production of briquette machine, the charcoal surface would be softened by the heating ring to increase the yield and quality of charcoal, so we should set the working temperature of the heating ring according to the principle of resistance to ensure the normal work of operation of briquette machine. According to the working heat of heating ring, the running temperature had better be controlled above 350 degrees Celsius so as to improve the quality of charcoal.

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