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How to improve the efficiency and service life of briquette machine?

Why the service life and working efficiency of the same briquette machine are different? Have you ever thought about the question? For the same briquette machine, different operation and maintenance will lead to different results.

briquette machine and crusher

Machine maintenance:
1. The bearing
Bearings of the crusher take on all load of the machine, so good lubrication has great relationship with the service life of bearing. It directly affects the service life and running rate of machine. The lubricating oil used must be clean and the seal must be good. The main oiling parts of the machine:
(1) The rotating bearing.
(2) Roll bearing.
(3) All gears.
(4) Movable bearing and sliding plane.
2. The newly installed tyre is easy to loosen and must be checked regularly.
3. Pay attention whether the working of each part of briquette machine is normal.
4. Pay attention to the degree of wear of easy wear parts, and be careful to replace worn parts.
5. When putting the chassis plane of movable equipment, dirt and other materials should be removed to avoid serious accident activities when the material can't be broken by the machine.
6. If the bearing oil rises, stop the machine for inspection and eliminate the machine failure immediately.
7. If there is impact sound when the transmitting gear is running, the machine should be stopped and checked immediately.

Briquette machine produced by our company has excellent quality, low price, high production efficiency and economic benefit. It is popular with users and contributes to the relief of energy tension in our country. Raw materials used for making briquettes and charcoal are extremely rich, such as scrap of wood processing factory, sawdust, wood shavings, twigs, bark, crop straw, bagasse, corn cob, peanut shell, rice husk, furfural residue and so on. In short, almost all the material containing wood fibers can be made into activated charcoal briquettes.

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