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Why are energy-efficient carbonizing furnaces so popular?

The high-efficient carbonizing furnace produced by our company has received favorable comments from consumers since launched into market. Then, what are the reasons for the hot sales of the energy-efficient carbonizing furnace?

carbonizing furnace

The high-efficient carbonizing furnace can decompose the half-finished briquettes produced by biomass briquette machine or branches, bamboo and wood materials into combustible gas, tar and black material - charcoal in the condition of oxygendeficient. The changing process of bamboo and wood materials in the carbonizing furnace is igniting, spontaneous ignition, heating, drying, pyrogenic decomposition, combustible gas combustion on material surface, decomposition aggravate, charcoal, combustible gas and tar. Besides, the advantages of carbonizing furnace produced by our company are obvious.

First, it has high carbonizing speed and 24 hours continuous production, and the production site can be transferred with the production requirements.
Second, high efficiency, energy-saving and high output. For a set of equipment, we have a variety of types for you to choose from, which can meet the requirements of different needs.
Third, less amount of maintenance. The equipment only needs about half a year to overhaul once. The average power consumption for per set of equipment is 3.5 kilowatts per hour, and the power consumption is low.
Fourth, the operation of carbonizing furnace is simple and convenient: only two simple operation procedures can make beautiful products, and the equipment can be shipped in three days after installation.
Fifth, the product produced by the high efficiency and energy-saving carbonizing furnace ha stables quality and the profit is higher: the specific factor of the equipment can make the charcoal quality that produces stable with nice shape.
Sixth, high efficiency and energy saving carbonizing furnace is an important equipment than can make semi-finished products into charcoal under the condition of oxygendeficient. This equipment adopts heat superconducting with reasonable structure. It can improve the efficiency, reduce the production cost and save the heating energy consumption. At the same time, it adopts the system of heating steam cooling with high cooling speed, good quality of charcoal, greatly shorten the production cycle.

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