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Failure analysis and solution of briquette machine

With the approaching of summer, rainy days are increasing in southern regions and the ground temperature is getting damp, some customers complains that their briquette machine can not produce briquettes or the briquettes produced by the briquette machine are fragile in the process of biomass briquette production. In the following content, we would like to make an analysis of the causes and solution of briquette machine that can not produce any briquette.

briquette machine

1. Briquette machine can not produce briquettes.
Reason: large moisture content of raw material, poor propeller angle, serious wear of the forming cylinder, too high or too low heating temperature are all the reasons for the briquette machine that can not produce briquettes. Under normal circumstances, the color of biomass briquettes produced by the briquette machine should be dark brown with uniform hardness, smooth surface, no crack, the surface of the center hole is also smooth.
2. There is light on the fracture surface of briquette produced by briquette machine. Although the density of briquette is good, the hardness is not enough. This is caused by the too steep original place of the propeller and the angle is too big. You just need to smooth it to reduce the angle.
3. There are cracks on the surface of briquettes. Too large moisture of the material would lead to transverse cracks on the briquettes, while too small moisture content of raw material may cause longitudinal crack. In addition, if the heating temperature is too high, it will lead to excessive softening of raw materials, causing underfeeding and cracks on the briquette produced by briquette machine. General solution of underfeeding is to increase the screw diameter or grind the spiral wall, increasing the span between the spiral.
4. The bending of briquette is caused by the too large moisture content of raw material.
5. The plugging of raw material: larger particles or solid impurities are mixed in the raw material; low voltage or low heating temperature, or the raw materials are too wet. For the former reason, the operator need to stop the briquette machine for disassembly to remove the impurities. For the latter, the operator should continue to heat up to soften the raw material or dry the raw materials again to keep the moisture control at 6% - 12% in order to meet the requirements of briquette machine.

Above is summarized as the failure analysis and solution of briquette machine. Only correct and reasonable operation can increase the efficiency of briquette machine for sale.

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