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Tips for prolonging the service life of forming sleeve

Through experimental analysis, we found that the factor influence the service life of the forming sleeve in the briquette machine is the unreasonable use of temperature controller. In simple terms, the heating of the machine can not be too fast. Turning the temperature controller directly into more than three hundred degrees is a wrong method of operation. Although the temperature rises quickly and you may to start the production within10 minutes, it would damage the forming sleeve, because

propeller and forming sleeve of briquette machine

sudden warming would soften the steel and make it wear faster. The best way is to turn into 100 degrees first and then heat for a few minutes and raise the temperature slowly. The expected temperature can be reached after 30 to 40 minutes, which would make the wear of forming sleeve reduces. Second, the quality of the welding materials used in the forming sleeve of briquette machine is too poor. The material used should be wear-resisting and heat resisting. Through summarizing, we found that the reasonable use of temperature controller and the wear resistant and high temperature resistant welding materials are the way to prolong the service life of the forming sleeve in the briquette machine.
The propeller is also an important part of briquette machine. Under normal circumstances, the front end of the propeller in briquette machine equipment would wear due to high temperature friction and the surface is easy to appear flute mark or spot holes and the angle of elevation would also be reduced. With time goes by, the briquette machine can not produce any briquette or the briquette produced is not strong enough. At that time, the operator of briquette machine should take the propeller down and check it. If the front-end slope is discovered rough and the angle gets smaller, the operator should use the alloy electrode for welding in time. Welding of propeller should be made according to the technical requirements and pay attention to the incline angle of briquette machine. The welding slag must be removed if stop welding midway, otherwise the welding is not strong, affecting the quality of repair.

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