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How to solve the gas produced by carbonizing furnace?

As the finished product of briquette machine, briquettes can be sold directly or carbonized by the carbonizing furnace to increase the added value of briquettes. Carbonization of briquettes is the technological breakthrough of briquette production and a carbonizing furnace is essential during the carbonizing process. Although carbonization of briquettes has many benefits, there are still many problems to be considered when carbonizing the briquettes, such as the smoke produced by the carbonizing furnace. The following are some solutions to solve the problem.

Carbonizing Furnace
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1. Series connection of smoke pipe for concentrated emissions.
This is the most simple and applicable method with low cost. Through series connection of smoke pipes, the smoke is introduced into smokestack by public flue pipe for centralized emissions. When using this method, the connection pipe between single flue and public flue pipe need to be removed in the initial and late stage of carbonization in order to observe the changes of the kiln smoke. Although this method would not reduce flue gas emissions, it still largely reduces the impact on the surrounding environment as a result of the ascend of emission height. It is a good workaround.

2. Water immersion.
This method is also very convenient. Build a pool next to the kiln and lead the smoke into the bottom of the pool by the fan and pipes. Because of the large specific heat of water, when the kiln smoke moves in the water, the wood tar and wood vinegar liquid can be quickly condenses and sink into the bottom of water. A small amount of wood coal gas would be discharged from the surface of the water. It could reduce more than half of the furnace smoke. It should be pointed out that the principle of this method is actually condensation rather than solution. In addition to the evaporation loss of a small amount of water, the rest can be used repeatedly. Moreover, the warp in the bottom of the pool need to be cleared regularly.

3. Condensate recovery.
This is a traditional way and the main equipment used are the cooling tower and separating tank. If you want to get the high purity wood tar and wood vinegar liquid, you need to make large investment on the equipment. Anyway, recycling also represents the development direction of the industry. If we can reduce the cost of recycling, this should be the ideal solution.

4. Secondary combustion.
The main components of the kiln smoke are wood tar and wood gas, both of which are flammable gas, but due to the poor oxygen condition in the carbonizing furnace, they are unable to burn. If a small amount of fuel can be used in the smoke crossing place to ignite them, the pollution will be greatly reduced. But this method is subject to weather conditions. There are a lot of fire hazards as well. In addition, try to lead the furnace smoke into the hearth of the dryer as the fuel for drying is also a good idea. 

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