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The function and replacement of heating coil in briquette machine

What’s the function of heating coil in briquette machine and what should be noticed when replacing them? 

heating coil in briquette machine
The function of heating coil in briquette machine
There are heating coils in most of briquette machines. A briquette machine usually has three heating coils, which can make the cylinder's temperature reach about 350 degrees. The main function of heating coil is to carbonize the surface of the extruded wooden rod, so that lignin can be extruded from the raw material and stick the material into briquettes with uniform density as the binder. If there is no heating coil, the briquettes produced would be scattered with uneven density. in the process of carbonizing, it would become broken charcoal, so the heating coil is one of the most important parts of briquette machine. (Get to know how to make corn cob charcoal with briquette machine)
Three aspects need to be noticed when changing the heating coil
Generally, the service life of heating coil is tens to hundreds of hours due to the difference in production techniques and materials. It need to be replaced immediately once damaged. The following three aspects need to noticed when changing the heating coil in briquette machine according to our years of experience:
1. The model of heating coil should be the same as the old one, since the power of the equipment is different with different heating coils, which is generally 2-3kw;
2. When installing the heating coil, it is required that the outlet should be heated evenly, so that the service life of the heating coil can be extended to improve the efficiency of lignin conversion;
3. After installing the heating coil, the temperature measurement probe shall be placed in the fixed position of the cylinder to ensure the temperature control of the temperature measurement probe on the cylinder.

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