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Potential safety hazard of high elevation production of briquette machine

Although higher production environment is more favorable to the carbonization and ventilation effect of the briquette machine, there are many potential safety hazard in operation of such an environment. For example, movable briquette machine equipment would be weightless in the

briquette machine and carbonizing furnace

environment. As we know, in the production of briquette machine, the raw material need to be added uninterruptedly, and the product would be discharged continuously after complete processing of the equipment, which also affect the weight balancing of equipment during the period. Without installing the protective guard or roller used to fix the movable briquette machine equipment, the equipment may creep down from the original production to the lower place and it is likely to collide other devices on the way, thus affecting the whole production line. Therefore, when the briquette machine works in high terrain environment, the protective guard must be made within the scope of the production circle, and the roller for fixing equipment should be installed to prevent accidents caused by weightlessness of briquette machine production equipment.

For briquette machine equipment of different production processes, the fuel consumption of carbonizing furnace is also different. Experiments showed that even for the same form of carbonizing furnace, the unit consumption of fuel varies according to the following conditions: the size of device and furnace temperature, the final carbonizing temperature and speed, the quality of the wood and tree species, the moisture content of wood used for carbonization of briquette machine, the size of firewood block crushed by wood crusher machine and the performance of carbonizing furnace. Therefore, it is very difficult to make an accurate determination of carbonized fuel consumption of carbonizing furnace in theory, because different carbonizing process conditions have great impact on the formation and composition of steam gas mixture, that is, it has great influence to the heat released by the exothermic reaction, which plays an extremely important role in the heat balance of carbonizing furnace. Secondly, the carbonizing speed, namely the time duration of the firewood in the carbonizing chamber, which also have significant effect on fuel consumption.
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