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How to judge the quality of briquette machine

Briquette machine is an important equipment for charcoal production. Briquette machine of good quality can drive the whole charcoal production process and make the production and efficiency greatly improved, so how to judge the quality of the briquette machine? We have summarized the following points for you. We hope that it can give some help and reference to the customers in need.

quality judgement of briquette machine

First, we need to see the bearing of briquette machine. The quality of the bearing would directly affect the production efficiency of briquette machine and the quality of the production of charcoal. Currently, the areas that have higher level of bearing production in our country are Luoyang and Harbin. The bearing quality produced by small mills is not guaranteed, also pay attention not to buy the fake and inferior products.

Second, the other factor that determines the quality of the briquette machine is the thickness of the steel plate. The thickness of the panel of briquette machine, namely the steel plate for fixing the bearing pedestal, must be greater than 8mm, or take a certain reinforcement measures. If the steel is too thin, it is easy to get deformed, which would affect the quality of the briquette machine.

Last, we need to pay attention to the motor. If you want to buy a machine with high quality and low price, you need to see whether the motor it uses is produced by formal manufacturer and whether it can reach the national standard. Renovated motor and motor that can not meet the national quality standard can not be used, because the copper enameled wire of motor can not meet the requirement to the rated current that the motor would be burned easily or shortage of driving force and lead to shorter life span of the briquette machine, also affects the quality of straw briquettes.

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