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Influence of improper ignition on charcoal production

When in the use of the carbonizing furnace for processing of briquettes produced by biomass briquette machine, the first thing we need to do is ignite. Ignition of carbonizing furnace is the process that you can not look down upon. Correct ignition can bring higher production efficiency for the production of briquette machine, while rough ignition technology would not only lead to the decrease of the molding efficiency of carbonizing furnace, but also influence the ultimate product yield. Therefore, learning good ignition technology of carbonizing furnace would be quite necessary.

briquette machine and carbonizing furnace
First of all, we should calculate the best position of ignition based on the molding efficiency of different stages of carbonizing furnace. In the process of calculation, we need to consider the ventilation and supply of oxygen of carbonizing furnace. Under normal circumstances, we should choose the location near the middle of the carbonizing furnace, which would be more conducive to control the ventilation rate and oxygen. If too close to the ventilation openings, then you cannot adjust the required air volume and oxygen accurately, which is easy to cause excessive charring. Second, the interval control of ignition time and oxygen supply time of carbonizing furnace. If ignition is made before supplying oxygen, the time for temperature raising of carbonizing furnace would be too long and easy to lead to uneven heat absorption of briquettes in the carbonizing process, resulting in poor quality of the production of carbonizing furnace. Therefore, ignition of carbonizing furnace and oxygen supply had better be made at the same time to ensure that raw materials can fully absorb heat in first time. In the rapid molding period, pay attention to close the furnace timely and beware of oxygen erosion. Last, ignition in the production need to be careful according to the operating instructions.

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