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Four important parts in the production of briquette machine

What are the important parts in the production of briquette machine? This is the problem that many investors who want to invest in briquette machine concern. Good mechanism charcoal can be produced when only you don't make any mistakes in every important part. What are the important parts in charcoal production?

briquette machine production line

There are four important parts in the production of briquette machine. You can produce high-quality mechanism charcoal so as long as you master these four parts.
The first important thing is to get the raw material smashed. In the process of crushing, the raw material should be crushed into small particles of 5mm to 10mm. Only to achieve this standard, the raw material can go to the next link. If the standard is not reached, then it will be crushed until it reaches the standard.
The second important part is drying the crushed raw material. Good mechanism charcoal can be produced only when the material has suitable moisture content, which is 8% to 12%.
The third important part is briquetting with briquette machine. In the process of making briquettes, the temperature must be above 300 degrees. If the temperature can not reach the standard, it would be hard for molding. While if the temperature is too high, the briquette is easy to become soft.
The fourth important part is carbonizing. In the process of carbonizing with carbonizing furnace, it must be sealed properly and the carbonizing time should reach 8 to 12 hours, so as to avoid that carbonization is not completely.

When investing large briquette machine equipment, the first thing you need to do is choose the site, which need not be prosperous area, since the price would be higher. The factory should be 400 to 500 square. You can also rent old factory building with good ventilation facilities directly. After that, you need to find the raw materials, which is the key of the production of charcoal. The price of the raw material should not too high, or the cost of charcoal produced would be higher. Besides, the raw material must be supplied in long-term, because the shortage of raw materials would influence the production seriously. The availability of the site and the supply of raw materials, the next step is to find workers. Typically, there should be about eight workers for a large charcoal production plant.

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