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The influence of moisture content on wood briquette machine

In the operation of wood briquette machine, the density of briquettes produced directly determines the quality of charcoal after carbonization. However, the density and bonding of materials has much to do with its moisture content. The principle of briquetting with wood briquette machine is physical extrusion. Biomass materials can secrete a kind of ingredient called "lignin” under the condition of high temperature extrusion. Through the adhesive effect of lignin, the screw propeller of wood briquette machine would press the materials together forcibly with the surrounding particles layer by layer forcefully and extrude them by the molding sleeve. After cooling, lignin becomes solid state and retract into particles. Then, the briquettes get hardening with large density.

materials of wood briquette machine

The moisture content of materials plays an important role in the process of wood briquette machine. Excessive moisture content of materials would reduce the stickiness of the lignin. It just like there is too much water in the glue; while lower moisture content of materials can not dilute the lignin so that the lignin has no liquidity to glue the surrounding materials. Experiments show that when the moisture content of material is 6 ~ 14%, the adhesive effect is best and the briquettes produced by wood briquette machine have the best quality. When drying particle materials like sawdust, the pulse pneumatic pipeline drying system had better be used, since it has fast drying speed, the drying effect is uniform and fuel saving. Pulse airflow drying machine is equipped with a boiling room, which can make materials with different moisture content automatically into the next period of drying respectively to obtain consistent moisture content of materials and ensure the quality of the briquettes. The design of pulse airflow drying machine must be in strict accordance with the principle of fluid dynamics. The air pipe diameter and the length, the size of the induced draft fan can't be designed randomly. At present, many manufacturers don't have the technical ability to design the production so that materials can't be dried normally. As a result, materials are too wet for drying once and too dry for twice. In addition, the humidity is severely uneven, which would seriously affect the briquetting effect of wood briquette machine.

The reasonable density of carbon briquettes is 1:1. If the density is too low, the briquettes would break easily and there would be cracks on the surface of mechanism carbon after carbonization by the carbonizing furnace. As a result, the appearance of the finished product of carbon and product quality would be seriously influenced.

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