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What should be noticed in the installation and debugging of briquette machine

Briquette machine is an important part in the complete set of production line of biomass briquette production. The installation and debugging of briquette machine directly affects the quality of machine made charcoal, which is directly related to the productive profits. Here are some practical tips in the installation of briquette machine to ensure the safe and efficient installation and the worry-saving process of production.


1, Tighten all the connecting screw, especially the three top fastening screw in the inner sleeve of heating tube. Connect the cooling water pipe, electrical appliances and power lines.
2, Check all the lubrication part.  
3, Check whether the voltage of power supply is normal.  
4, Make no-load running of briquette machine for 30 minutes. If there is no block, collision or other abnormal phenomenon, the briquette machine can be put into normal production. When abnormal phenomenon is found during commissioning, the operator must immediately stop the briquette machine and find out the reason. Make no-load running again after troubleshooting.  
5, Turn the temperature regulator to the required temperature. Start the machine and feed a moderate amount of materials when it reaches the target temperature.  
6, Increase the feeding amount gradually until qualified products can be produced in the normal production. Successful commissioning can be made after 30 minutes of normal production. It shows that the briquette machine can be used for normal production.  
7, There should be no material in the hopper before stopping the briquette machine, then  reverse the machine for one minute immediately after stopping to discharge the raw material in the propeller.  
8, The machine body must be in good grounding.

The eight tips mentioned above should be noticed in the production of biomass briquette. KMEC provides all kinds of briquette machine and other corollary equipment, such as the wood crusher machine, the hammer mill, the packing machine, etc. The briquette machine produced by our company adopts the most efficient and stable transmission mode with compact structure and long service life. The biomass briquettes produced has large density and smooth surface. The output, density of briquettes, power consumption, the wear-resisting degree and other performance indicators of our briquette machine are in the leading level of domestic. It has a high market share at home and abroad market.

As a professional manufacturer of briquette machine, we would like to cooperate with clients from all over the world on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and KMEC looks forward to becoming your best supplier and partner in the biomass mechanical field.


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