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Machine-made charcoal and activated carbon

Is the charcoal produced by charcoal briquette machine also called activated carbon? In the following content, we would make a detailed description about the production process, the nature and usage of machine made charcoal and activated carbon.

machine-made charcoal and activated carbon

1. The activated carbon
The production methods of activated carbon can be divided into physical steam method and chemical method. The general production process of physical steam method has two steps. The first is to dry the raw material under the temperature of 170 to 600℃ and make 80% of its organic organization carbonized. The second step is activation. Send the carbonized material in the first step into reactor to react with the activator and water vapor and complete the activation process. Activated carbon is often used for the purification of food, chemical and other industries for gas filtration and purification of liquid color.

2. Machine-made charcoal
The early stage of the production of machine-made is the same with the production of activated carbon. Briquette machine and carbonizing furnace can be used for mass production of machine-made charcoal, but its quality basis is poor than the activated carbon. The production method for machine-made charcoal is that first crush the raw materials collected, then dry the materials with the dryer to keep the moisture content within the scope of the standard requirement. Then, process the materials after drying with briquette machine and carbonizing furnace to get the final machine-made charcoal.

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To sum up, the difference between the machine-made charcoal and activated carbon is that the activated carbon is often used in air purification, water treatment, decoloration, pharmaceutical, etc. While the machine-made charcoal is commonly used in industry and agriculture smelting, soil improvement, etc. There is essential difference in the macro application. In the production process, the process technology of activated carbon is more complex than machine-made charcoal.

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