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Maintenance and repair cycle for briquette machine with annual output of 300 tons

Through the study, we found that the main content of maintenance and repair of briquette machine with annual production of 300 tons includes daily inspection and maintenance. It can be divided into large, medium and small repair according to the production cycle.

maintenance of briquette machine equipment

Maintenance and inspection: mainly inspect all corollary equipment of briquette machine in accordance with the specified route (wood crusher machine, airflow dryer, smokeless carbonizing furnace), technical performance of pipeline, and scrubbing, refueling and some repair work.
The following is the maintenance and repair cycle of briquette machine with annual output of 300 tons. 
Small repair cycle: rest or replace the leaky part and damaged small parts without disassembling the machine and line, and eliminate equipment breakdown in operation.
Medium repair cycle: remove the pipeline, accessories, pressing and transmission mechanism parts of the equipment, scrub, replace or repair all of them.
large repair cycle: apart from the foot bolt, remove all the corollary equipment and pipeline of briquette machine and check its abrasion, leakage, damage and corrosion situation to make a thorough repair and replacement. Scrub the lubricating oil on all parts, assemble and paint to make it reach the equivalent quality of the new equipment.
Before putting the briquette machine into production, we need to make trial production test of briquette machine equipment to prevent the occurrence of technical mistake of equipment after putting into normal production. During trial production, the following three conditions should be satisfied:
1. Sufficient raw material for production;
2. Operators for all production procedures of briquette machine have determined and passed the technical examination;
3. The required management agencies are complete.
After satisfying the three conditions above, trial production of briquette machine can be achieved.

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