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Maintenance cycle of briquette machine

Because of the large difference of each part of briquette machine in the use of production, the maintenance mode and maintenance cycle are slightly different from each other. The following is an introduction of the maintenance cycle of the propeller, forming sleeve and heating ring of briquette machine.

Maintenance cycle of briquette machine
Propeller of briquette machine: the propeller is the first power accessory of briquette machine. The maintenance of propeller should adopt repairing treatment, mainly welding up the propeller punch due to the thermal wear for a long time. The wear of propeller is mainly caused by the impact molding on the raw material. The maintenance period is usually 8 ~ 12 hours.
Forming sleeve of briquette machine: ash removing of the forming sleeve should be made as the maintenance, since there is vibration phenomenon of forming sleeve at the moment of discharging that some raw material and dust would fall on the bottom of the forming sleeve. If not cleaning for a long time, the forming sleeve of briquette machine would be tight and difficult to discharge. It is recommended that the ash of forming sleeve of briquette machine should be removed every three hours.
Heating ring of briquette machine: in the maintenance of the heating ring, the cleaning method should be used. The heating ring is mainly used to improve the forming density of materials, but when the heating ring produces chemical heating reaction to raw materials, it would stick some raw material. When the heating coil is covered with the raw material, its chemical heating reaction will be completely lost. Therefore, we also need to clean the heating ring in a timely manner, the general cleaning time is every two hours.

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