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What kind of material is suitable for making charcoal?

There are a lot of raw materials that can be used for making charcoal. In theory, the raw material contains carbon is suitable for making charcoal, such as straw, wood, etc. However, what kind of material is more suitable for making charcoal?

charcoal and briquette machine

Common raw materials for making mechanism charcoal: sawdust, rice husk, seed shell, coconut shell, bamboo, walnut peel, branches, bark, trunk, wine residue and vinegar residue, furfural residue, peanut shells and various hard miscellaneous wood, nut shell, etc. For traditional charcoal production, the wood material is more commonly used, such as larch and birch. While the output of traditional charcoal is lower, now people are more likely to use mechanism charcoal due to its wide range of raw material and high carbon rate, thus it is more popular with the users.

With the development of new energy, most of the raw materials used in briquette machine are crops straw, shells, wood chips, etc. The charcoal made of these materials is commonly used for barbecue or heating. It is common in the market and the price is relatively lower. While the charcoal made of wood has large density and the price is higher. It is mainly used in industry or other industries.
Therefore, different raw materials have different advantages. Users can choose according to their own demands. For more information about charcoal and briquette machine, you can contact our technical adviser, we would solve your problem.

Charcoal produced by briquette machine has the advantages of long burning time, smokeless and tasteless. The physical and chemical indexes are better than the mineral charcoal. Our company is specialized in the production of briquette machine. "High level development and high-tech manufacturing" has always been the tenet of our company since establishment. We have constantly promote the upgrading of equipment and the production scale of products. Through the introduction of advanced production technology, our products have made a qualitative leap.

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