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Main causes of mechanical power loss of sawdust briquette machine

High quality briquette production not only need the restriction on the strength of the high pressure-changing parts for the operator of sawdust briquette machine, but also need to consider whether the engine of sawdust briquette machine can satisfy the capacity of continuous briquette production. In the process of making briquette, the causes of machinery power loss in the processing of equipment is that the following two factors are not considered.

sawdust briquette machine production
First, for the strength of the high pressure-changing parts, although increasing the strength of the pressing accessories can achieve better forming density of raw materials, the premise of pressurization is that the raw material can withstand the pressure range, otherwise it will lead to mechanical force failure of sawdust briquette machine.
Second, the operator does not consider whether the existing engine can meet the capacity of sawdust briquette machine after the intensity of charcoal machine accessories have been increased. Once it can't meet or exceed the power dissipation of the engine, it would also lead to the failure of mechanical force of sawdust briquette machine.
In the later production of sawdust briquette machine, the operator should not increase the strength of accessories of sawdust briquette machine arbitrarily. If necessary, the engine of sawdust briquette machine shall be adjusted according to the status of pressurization so as to avoid mechanical power loss of sawdust briquette machine in the production.
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