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The diversification of power supply of briquette machine

The device used to convert other forms of energy into electric energy in the production of briquette machine is called the power supply. For example, the electric generator of briquette machine can convert mechanical energy of equipment into electric energy and dry cell can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The dry cell and generator can be said as the production power supply of briquette machine. The device that turns the alternating current of the rectifier circuit into direct current is called rectifier power supply. Electronic device that can provide signal is called signal source. The transistor used in briquette machine can amplify the signal and send the amplified signal to the back circuit, so the transistor can also be regarded as the production signal source for circuit behind. Both the rectifier power supply and signal source are called the production power of briquette machine.

briquette machine production line
The following are electricity safety precautions in the production of automatic briquette machine equipment:
1. When the insulating layer of the wire in the circuit of automatic production line of briquette machine equipment breaks and the wire is bare, it should be changed in time to keep the insulating layer of each line in the the production line in good condition.
2. The equipment and electronic work station (box) of briquette machine production line should have ground or neutral protection.
3. The inside of the electrical cabinet in automatic production line of briquette machine equipment should be cleaned regularly, remove the dirt or dust on the various electrical components.
4. The damaged fuse in the different parts of electricity lines should be replaced according to the required specification. Copper wire is not allowed for alternative use at random.
5. Regular inspection of the electricity wire connector joint should be made to ensure tight and firm connection.
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