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Notices in the production of briquette machine

In the production of mechanism charcoal, the quality of charcoal molding directly determines the price of the charcoal. After the successful purchase of charcoal production machine like briquette machine and carbonizing furnace, all consumers want to produce high quality charcoal and get profit returns with the fastest speed. Knowing the matters needing attention in the production of charcoal could help users have twice the result with half the effort.

operation notice of briquette machine
1. The quality of briquette machine and temperature control
To guarantee the quality of charcoal, the briquette machine used should be of good quality, since the molding of raw material is completed in the briquette machine. There is the heating ring in the outside of the molding sleeve, which can make the temperature of the molding sleeve rise to about 350℃. In order to guarantee the smooth surface, large density, no crack of briquettes produced by briquette machine, we can choose suitable molding temperature according to the types and moisture content of the raw material. Assume that the screw propeller is qualified and the moisture content of raw material is between 6 ~ 10%, the drying temperature varies according to the shape of the material and the model of heater, which is generally between 140℃ ~ 500℃. Material temperature can be adjusted through the length of the pipe and air distribution, which is generally not more than 55℃ ~ 70℃.
2. The raw material determines the quality of charcoal
The quality of charcoal depends on the equipment, process as well as the moisture content in the raw materials. Generally, the moisture content of raw material should be less than 10%. Therefore, the first step is to dry the raw material. When drying the raw material, we can put the raw material with higher moisture content in the open bleachery first airing or drying for 1 ~ 2 days to make its surface moisture evaporated to reduce the thermal drying time and fuel consumption. And then put the raw material with qualified granularity into the hot air dryer for drying to its water content less than 10% of the dry raw material. The drying temperature is 140℃ ~ 300℃ or so commonly.
3. The carbonizing furnace
The carbonizing process of the medium and low temperature charcoal. Drying stage starts from the ignition until the temperature rises to 160℃, then the water contained in briquettes is evaporated mainly by the additive heat and the heat generated by the burn of itself. 
The above three points show that the molding of charcoal has been strongly linked with the temperature control from the beginning to the end. In the production process of charcoal, in addition to the charcoal machine equipment and technical main point, the temperature directly determines the quality of charcoal.

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