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Security vulnerabilities in the production of briquette machine

In recent years, with the rapid development of tourism industry, the industry development of briquette machine can't keep up with demand, especially for barbecues in the coastal areas in the summer with larger demand for the mechanical charcoal and the price is higher, which brings great business opportunities for investors. From the demand trends of current market, the demand for cleaner mechanical charcoal of high calorific value growth relatively faster with better investment potential prospects.

vulnerabilities of briquette machine

Briquette machine is the main production equipment for the manufacturing enterprises of briquette and mechanical charcoal. In the daily production process, even the tiny security vulnerabilities that did not been noticed by the operator may lead to serious production accidents and economic losses. Then, what security vulnerabilities are most likely to appear in the production of briquette machine and what should we do to prevent these security vulnerabilities?

In the production of briquette machine, the biggest security vulnerability is the electricity. The motor of 380v is used in the production. Although the body is made of steel materials with good heat dissipation performance, it also has the electrical conductivity, which would be neglected easily in the event of a failure by many operators, thus electric shock incidents would happen due to accidentally touch. The solution for such security vulnerabilities is to install the leakage protection device in the power source or air protection switch in the bus to avoid accidental electric shock damage. Next, the grounding device should be installed on the body of the motor to avoid the leakage phenomenon. The second largest security vulnerability is the fire. In the production of mechanical charcoal, the carbonizing furnace is often used to process the briquettes produced through high-temperature combustion. Generally, there would be spark in the central hole part of the charcoal just taken out from the carbonizing furnace. The spark need to be poured out, then pile the charcoal up after cooling completely. Do not pile them up indoors, which is easy to start a fire.

In the process of production of briquette machine, there are also common security vulnerabilities of other aspects, which need the operation personnel to operate with the earnest careful attitude in the operation and must not be sloppy. Ensuring production safety is a huge responsibility. The good operation habit of briquette machine is the premise of ensuring safety in production.

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