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What should be done before the production of wood briquette machine

The safety outweighs all in the production of wood briquette machine. Before using the wood briquette machine to produce briquettes, the operator must grasp the correct equipment operation command, steps and check the operation condition of the equipment frequently to ensure the smooth running of wood briquette machine. As the most important charcoal production machine, the following points should be noticed in the installation process of wood briquette machine.
First, check the connection of the bolt. The connection of the bolt must not be loose. Fasten the bolt with tools in time once it is loose and pay attention to the circuit connecting the electrical appliances and power supply. Besides, the lubrication parts should also be checked carefully and add lubricating oil timely, which is the precondition of the good operation of briquette machine.
Second, check whether the power supply and voltage of wood briquette machine is normal. The voltage instability is unfavorable for the production. In the actual production, make no-load running first. If there is no stuck, collision or other abnormal phenomenon, then it can be put into normal production. When the abnormal is found in the test running of wood briquette machine, the operator must stop the machine immediately and find out the reasons, and then make the no-load running again after troubleshooting.
Finally, when the temperature of the temperature regulator reaches the preset temperature, start the wood briquette machine and feed the materials in appropriate amount. Increase the amount of feeding gradually until qualified products can be produced with the wood briquette machine. Then, increase the feeding amount of raw materials to improve the output of wood briquette machine. Before stopping the machine, there should be no material in the hopper. Reverse the machine immediately for one minute after stopping the machine to remove the materials in the propeller.

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The wood briquette machine produced by our company adopts the most efficient and stable transmission system with compact structure and longer service life. The biomass briquettes produced by the wood briquette machine has higher density and smooth surface. There is a metallic sound when impacting. The output, density of briquette, power consumption, the wear-resisting degree and other performance indicators of wood briquette machine and briquette press produced by our company are in the domestic leading level and enjoy a high market share at the market of home and abroad.

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