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Zero cost increasing production quality of briquette machine

Generally, producers would first suspect the quality of the raw material when the production quality of briquette machine is poor. They will be in the suspicions of their raw material for all kinds of situations that whether it is suitable for charcoal production or not. Then, they are generally preferred to replace the raw material for mechanism charcoal to improve the quality of briquette machine production. Regardless of the efficiency of this approach of improving the quality of briquette machine production, the previous material is certainly not going to be used, which would cause resources waste of the existing material. Besides, replacing new materials is also a huge increase in the cost of production. Therefore, this way of improving the production quality of briquette machine is highly rational and unscientific.

production of briquette machine
To improve the production quality of briquette machine, the first thing we need to know is what our own raw materials are suitable for making. Materials like rice husk, shells and sawdust are often used for low and medium temperature mechanism charcoal, and wood chaff and branches are suitable for making the high temperature mechanism charcoal. After knowing these information, we can first eliminate the implication of the raw material, since the raw material only determines the production grade of charcoal, namely, low temperature charcoal, medium temperature charcoal or high temperature charcoal, and the quality of processing has nothing to do with raw materials. The quality refers that whether the grade of charcoal produced by the raw materials can reach the standard. For example, the burning temperature of low temperature charcoal taking rice husk as raw materials should be between 200 and 250 degrees. The quality is below standard if the temperature is below 200 degrees. The final source ensures the quality of charcoal depends the operation of production personnel of briquette machine on the control to the process technology. Only proper operation can ensure the quality of product. 
Therefore, the right way to improve the quality of briquette machine production need to implement to the people and improving the human operation quality of briquette machine production process also need no external costs. If you have any questions about briquette machine production, welcome to contact us.
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