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Prolong the service life of briquette machine by production control

Theoretically, good maintenance after production can prolong the service life of equipment of briquette machine, but that is not the case, because the cause of short service life of briquette machine equipment is overload production. Although the maintenance after production can reduce the next production loss to increase the service life of the briquette machine, at the most, it only have assisting effect and does not prolong the service life of briquette machine equipment from production basis. Therefore, to truly prolong the service life of briquette machine, we have to grab from production overload. The production of overload of briquette machine equipment can be divided into the following two conditions:

production control of briquette machine
1. Overload of the production time: in the process of long time production operation of briquette machine equipment, the briquette machine need to stop for maintenance at a certain stage of operation, namely, when the motor overheating and drive bearing friction slows, if there is no operator stopping the briquette machine equipment in a timely manner, equipment parts would be damaged, which in turn affecting the service life of briquette. For the overload phenomenon, the staff should be familiar with the production load time of various parts in the briquette machine and stop the machine timely to make sure the production time is not overload.
2. Operating overload of equipment: it refers to the the scope of safety production of briquette machine equipment. For example, if the production capacity of a briquette machine is 1t/h, the material quantity we can only add should meet the production of briquette machine in the production of one hour for producing one ton of carbon product. Once the amount of raw materials you add is beyond the production capacity of 1t/h, it will lead to overload operation of each part of briquette machine, which influences the service life of equipment. Therefore, we must control the production capacity of briquette machine within the extent permitted to ensure safe and stable operation of briquette machine.

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