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How to ensure the quality of briquettes produced by briquette machine?

In order to ensure the quality of charcoal produced by charcoal production equipment, we must make high quality briquettes (uncarbonized rods) with briquette machine. The theory and practice show that the dry material, the qualified propeller and the proper temperature are the three main elements of making high quality briquettes.

briquettes and briquette machine

1. The moisture content of the raw material.
There are higher requirements on the moisture content of raw materials for making briquettes, and the moisture content of raw materials is generally between 5% and 12%. If it is less than 5%, the briquette produced is not strong; if the moisture content the material contains is higher than 12%, the briquette is soft and easy to bend and the density is lower. Usually, the moisture content of fresh material (such as fresh bamboo, raw branch, etc.) is about 50%, and it should be dried 1-2 times by the drying machine. If the raw material has been dried in the open air or exposed to the sun for 1-2 days, the drying times can be reduced by 1 time. Anyhow, the raw materials should be dried more than one times to achieve the requirements of briquette production.

2. The propeller.
The quality of the propeller also determines the quality of briquettes. The propeller is an easy wearing part, and the friction produced by the contact of the top part of the propeller in high speed with the raw material would lead to severe wear on the end surface. When the end face angle becomes smaller or the contact surface becomes rough and speckled, the briquettes produced can not meet the requirements. Then, we should repair the propeller according to the method of the manufacturer, and make it meet the technical requirements. As long as the operator of the briquette machine (or maintenance personnel) often practice and fumble, it will be easy to master.

3. The working temperature of briquette machine.
The temperature of the forming sleeve in the biomass briquette machine is generally controlled at 260℃- 300℃. The temperature is mainly determined by raw materials. As we know, the purpose of heating the raw material is to soften the lignin and increase the viscosity for high pressure molding. If the temperature is too high, the raw material would be softened excessively. Although the speed of briquette producing will be fast, briquettes produced are weak and soft. If the temperature is too low, the viscosity of raw material is poor, the briquettes produced are not strong and easy to crack. So when using the briquette machine, users should try to find out the suitable temperature.

Generally speaking, the temperature for making briquettes with bamboo raw materials is lower, which is 260℃- 300℃, and 300℃-320℃ for straw and rice husks. Of course, the actual moisture content of the raw material should also be considered when determining the temperature. In addition, the surface of the briquettes need not to be too dark.

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