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How to improve the quality of corn cob charcoal

To improve the quality of the corn cob charcoal in the production of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace, we can not only use high-performance processing equipment and manual operation. In fact, technological improvement on the raw material can also improve the quality of finished products of briquette machine from different perspectives. Here are three methods to improve the quality of corn cob charcoal of briquette machine through processing of the raw material:

corn cob charcoal production

1. Improve the physical property of raw material surface
The density of raw material after compressing would increase, its plasticity would be improved in the production process of briquette machine, and the wear resistance and physical property of materials have been greatly improved during processing. This requires users to use the raw material compression technology in the production.
2. Improve the strength performance of raw material
Along with the increase of the density of the compressed branches and other raw materials in making mechanical charcoal, its modulus of elasticity in static bending and bending strength have also been increased. After the raw material being compressed, its organizational structure and physical and mechanical properties are significant changed. With the increase of mechanical strength, the deformation of the finished products will reduce, which would make the durability of charcoal products better.
3. Improve the machinability of raw material
After the compression of the raw material, its weight and hardness are significantly enhanced, it can prevent split or break of raw materials in the process of heat treatment, which enhances the machinability of production.
In the process of making briquette and charcoal with the briquette machine, there are a lot of good raw material, such as wood, bamboo, timber, etc. However, considering the security problem of forest, it is not allowed to cut down the wood to make charcoal. In order to save energy and protect the environment better, we can also use the straw after harvesting as the raw material to make briquette and charcoal. The effect of corn cob after carbonization is not lower than the quality of other charcoals. Since the corn cob is abundant and the price is lower, it is a good investment in carbonizing project. Customers can make better use of the corn cob by using our newest carbonizing furnace. The moisture content of corn cob after drying is 6-12%. The carbonizing effect of corn cob charcoal is significant through high temperature carbonization.

The continuous carbonizing furnace produced by our company has scientific structure and reasonable design. It can be used for continuous carbonizing production with high efficiency. The flue gas produced in the carbonization process can be recycled to reduce the pollution and provide comprehensive utilization of rice husks. In addition, the production efficiency of the continuous carbonizing furnace is large with low carbon and energy saving. Only one or two people are needed for the operation. Besides directly carbonizing of corn cobs, the continuous carbonizing furnace can also be used to process other biomass materials of no more than 5cm directly, such as the sawdust, shells, coffee shell, palm shell, pecan shell, bamboo shavings, waste of flax, coconut shell, bark, etc. The carbonizing process is the destructive distillation type of carbonization, also called fluidized bed type carbonizing equipment. The carbonized corn cobs can be used in industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other aspects, such as the purification of chemicals, purifying harmful substances in the water and air, make gas mask, etc.

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