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What promote the rapid development of biomass briquette machine?

In traditional crops recycling industry, the utilization rate of straw crops in our country is about 33%, and utilization rate of crops through technology processing is only about 23%. However, most of them are not processed and the utilization rate is extremely low, thus it is really a huge waste of resources. As a traditional agricultural country, comprehensive utilization of crop straw resources has important develop significance to save resources, protect the environment and promote the sustainable development of agriculture with very broad development prospects.

Biomass briquette machine and biomass briquettes
There are many different recycling ways of straw and corn stalks, they can be used as energy, feed, waste materials, the production raw materials for heating, producing biogas, carbonation and generating electricity, etc. The emergence of the biomass briquette machine makes the utilization of crops such as straw and corn stalks reached new heights. Straw and other crops can be used to make straw briquettes, in order to achieve the best utilization effect and maximum utilization.
In recent years, the weakness of the national economy lead to a huge shock of mechanical industry. However, biomass briquette machine presents a rapid development momentum, the researchers think that it is mainly promoted by the following six reasons.

1. Biomass briquette machine takes the rural waste straw as raw materials with wide raw material sources, non-polluting, high burning point and easy to transport. It get rid of the dependence on traditional tree carbon and coal and has become a new force in the energy market.
2. Biomass briquettes produced by the briquette machine for sale are both environmental protection and energy saving. As a kind of renewable resource, biomass briquette is widely praised by the user, and also get the positive support of national policy;
3. At present, our country is in the high-speed economic development period, thus the industrial, agricultural and civil industry demand for biomass briquettes is great, which promotes the rapid development of the biomass briquette machine;
4. Biomass briquette is lighter than coal, at the same time, the burning of briquettes is smoke-free and tasteless. With the improvement of people’s living standard, the requirement to the quality of life is becoming higher and higher and the social demand is becoming more and more;
5. With the growing awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, biomass briquette has been accepted by an increasing number of people as a kind of low pollution and efficient environmental protection resources, and gradually replace the inherent status of coal resources, especially the rapid development of tourism and barbecue industry recently, greatly increased the demand for biomass briquettes;
6. Briquette press for sale breaks through the traditional production process, which not only turns the wood into briquettes, crop waste straw can be used instead of wood so that raw material costs are lower with more abundant resources. The development of biomass briquette machine can bring substantial profits.

Above are the six main reasons that promotes the rapid development of biomass briquette machine. We firmly believe that biomass briquette machine will develop faster and further driven by the above six main reasons.

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