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Fire prevention of sawdust materials after drying should be noticed

Sawdust materials are commonly used in ground decontamination. It can be seen in many public places, at the same time, sawdust is also the first-class raw material for the production of charcoal with briquette machine and carbonizing furnace with the advantages of good 

raw material storage of briquette machine

flammability and small granularity. The sawdust used for making charcoal usually comes from two ways, one is the leftover sawdust material collected from the furniture manufacturing factory, the other is the used sawdust material collected from public places for decontamination. Because of the different collection ways, the production process with briquette machine and carbonizing furnace is slightly different.
Usually, sawdust collected from the furniture manufacturing factory is dry that drying treatment and grinding are not needed. It can be processed with the briquette machine and carbonizing furnace directly and the cost of the whole process is very low cost. Although the used sawdust collected in the public places also need no crushing processing, it must be dried first to make the dirt and moisture evaporated, and then it can be processed and carbonized with the sawdust briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. Otherwise, the sawdust raw material containing water stains would go against the briquettes molding of briquette machine. What need to be noticed is that no matter the sawdust is collected form the furniture factory or in the public places, fire prevention storage of sawdust need to be paid attention to, especially the sawdust of raw material after drying. The storage environment of sawdust must pay attention to fire prevention measures, mainly because of the flammable property of material itself (low ignition point). Besides, the ignition point and flammability of sawdust material after drying are higher that any spark is not allowed. Otherwise, it is likely to lead to accidents and fire hazard, which would not would result in the loss of raw materials, but also cause damage to the storage environment.
All in all, users must pay special attention to the storage of sawdust in the production with briquette machine and carbonizing furnace to achieve safe production and high efficient operation. As a professional manufacturer of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace with years of production experience, we provide briquette and charcoal production equipment of different models. Welcome customers all over the world to choose and purchase our products.

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