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How to clean residuals in the forming cylinder of briquette machine?

Sawdust is the commonly used raw material for making charcoal. Mechanism charcoal produced by sawdust has high density, and the flammability is especially good. While the only insufficiency when making charcoal with sawdust by briquette machine is that sawdust has larger viscosity, thus it is easy to remain in the inner wall of the forming cylinder. However, the wall of forming cylinder itself is deep and concave, thus cleaning up the residuals is troublesome and time consuming, especially for those do not often clear the forming cylinder of briquette machine. Once there are too much residuals accumulating in the forming cylinder, it would take half a day at a time for cleaning up, which would influence the production schedule of briquette machine. But don't worry, the experts from our company would teach you a quick way to clean up the residues of the briquette machine.

forming cylinder of briquette machine
Users who had cleaned the forming cylinder of briquette machine know that it would be quite difficult if we clean up residues at the bottom of forming cylinder only rely on the arm. Instead, we can pour some water into the forming cylinder first, then find a stick with the length of about 1 meter and tie a cloth to one end of the stick, and insert into the bottom of forming cylinder and turn along the wall. Take the cloth out for changing and washing when turning each round. In this way, the forming cylinder of briquette machine would be clean within 5 minutes.
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