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How to clean residues in the forming cylinder of sawdust briquette machine

Sawdust is the commonly used raw material for making charcoal. Charcoal produced by sawdust not only have high density, but have good flammability. The only insufficient thing is that the sawdust has larger viscosity. When making briquettes with sawdust briquette machine, the sawdust residuals would remain on the inner wall of the forming cylinder, while the wall of forming cylinder itself is concave that cleaning up of the residuals is troublesome and time consuming, especially for those who do not clear the forming cylinder of sawdust briquette machine often. Once there are more residues accumulating in the forming cylinder, it would take half a day for cleaning up, which would certainly affect the production schedule of sawdust briquette machine. But there is no need to worry about it. The following is an introduction of the quick cleaning method of the residuals in the forming cylinder of sawdust briquette machine.

forming cylinder of briquette machine

Users who have cleaned the forming cylinder of sawdust briquette machine know that it will be quite difficult if we clean up the residuals on the bottom of the forming cylinder just rely on the arm. To solve this problem, you can pour some water inside the forming cylinder first, then find a stick with the length of about 1 meter and get a cloth tied up on one side of the stick, and then insert it into the bottom of the forming cylinder and turns along the wall of it. Take out the cloth, then change and wash it after turning for a round. In this way, the forming cylinder of sawdust briquette machine can be cleaned up thoroughly within 5 minutes.

The purpose of purification of the working environment of sawdust briquette machine is to prevent the dust produced in the production invade into the mouth of operators and lead to respiratory tract infection, harming the health of the workers. As a result, they cannot devote into the production of sawdust briquette machine, let alone guarantee the production quality. Besides, too much dust in the processing environment would affect the vision judgment on the production quality of sawdust briquette machine. Therefore, purification of the working environment of sawdust briquette machine can improve the processing quality in the production.

A dust removing device is needed with specially-assigned person to operate. The operator of dust removing device need to make a cleaning for the whole body of sawdust briquette machine after producing for one tone of briquette and charcoal to keep the production environment in a cleaning state at all times to improve the processing quality of sawdust briquette machine.

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