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Rotary drum dryer used in the production of briquette machine

Rotary drum dryer is mainly used in the processing of the second process in of briquette machine to control the moisture content of materials in the reasonable scope (6%-12%) for the implementation of the follow-up process and improve the production and performance of briquette machine. However, in the operation of rotary drum dryer, users would meet some problems due to different receptivity. The following is a detailed description of the using features and simple troubleshooting measures of rotary drum dryer.

rotary drum dryer in briquette production
Due to the large capacity and high efficiency of rotary drum dryer, it has been widely used in modern industry as well as food and energy industry as the important processing equipment. When using the rotary drum dryer, users should pay attention to the following points:
1. Lubricating bearing parts of rotary drum dryer on time and make regular inspection on the main supporting part and sealing part to ensure the normal operation of rotary drum dryer.
2. The tire of the newly installed is easy to get loose, thus it should be checked regularly.
3. Pay attention that whether each part of the drying machine is working normally.
4. Check the wear degree of easy wear parts and replace the worn parts at any time.
5. Dirt and other materials on the chassis plane where the activity unit is placed should be removed to avoid that the bearing can't move on the chassis when the machine can't broken the material, which may resulting in serious accident.
6. If the oil temperature of the bearing rises, the operator should immediately stop the machine to check the reason.
7. If there is impact sounds in the running of the transmitting gear, the operator should immediately stop and check the machine.
The seven operation step can effectively improve the entire operating life of briquette machine and increase the processing speed of drum dryer. If you have any difficulty in technology and installation of briquette machine, you can consult our service hotline and we would provide you with timely reply and solutions.
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