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Main function of shaft lubrication of briquette machine

Good lubrication of parts of briquette machine can not only make the service life of the equipment longer, it can also reduce the energy consumption of the equipment. In the process of production and operation of briquette machine equipment, the bearing lubrication is mainly composed of the following aspects:

lubrication of briquette machine

1. Reduce the friction. After adding lubricant between the surface of the friction pair of relative motion, it would firm a lubricant film to the shaft parts of equipment so that the friction surfaces are separated and the friction between the metal surface would be turned into the internal friction of oil film molecules with lower degree of shear resistance, thus reducing the energy consumption and friction of shaft parts.
2. Reduce the wear. The lubricant film formed on the friction surface can reduce the shaft friction and bear the load, so it can reduce the wear and scratch on the surface and ensure the fit precision of parts of briquette machine.
3. The cooling effect. Using liquid lubricant circulation lubrication system can take the heat generated in the friction away and reduce the heat of shaft.
4. To prevent corrosion. The lubricant film on the friction surface of shaft can isolate corrosion of friction surface from environmental medium, such as air, steam and corrosive gas.
It is reminded that the lubricant for briquette machine equipment must be chosen according to the types of equipment shaft parts and physical and chemical properties. Lubricant of different viscosity and consistency has different lubrication effect.
Drive bearing is an important part of spindle component of briquette machine. It has direct impact on the performance of the spindle component. At present, there are two kinds of drive bearing used in the domestic briquette machine equipment: one is the rolling bearing, the other is the sliding bearing. The commonly used one is the rolling bearing. Customers should pay attention to the following several aspects when choosing the drive bearing of briquette machine: first, choose appropriate load that the transmission bearing can bear according to the production and power of briquette machine, then choose the drive bearing according to the running stiffness, rotary accuracy and limit speed of the equipment. In general, check if the production of briquette machine can match the capacity of transmission bearing so as to ensure the fatigue life of bearing assembly of the equipment.

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