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Shell material of briquette machine

As we know, the length of the service life of briquette machine cannot leave maintenance work of the equipment, including the equipment accessories, bearings, inner sleeve, propeller etc, but the maintenance work of these fittings is based on the maintenance of the shell of machine body of briquette machine. If the shell of briquette machine reaches a certain standard, the service life of the internal institutions would benefit a lot from it. While the maintenance of the machine body of briquette machine is closely related to the choice of shell material. The following three requirements should be considered when choosing:

briquette machine shell
1. Operating requirements: such as stiffness, strength, abrasion resistance, property of shock absorption and other physical and chemical properties.
2. Craft requirements: the selected materials should have good heat processing and cold processing performance and can keep the precision of manufacturing, and the processing should be convenient.
3. Economic requirements: The shell material of briquette machine should be cheaper with convenient supply when meeting the above two points.

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Before putting the equipment of briquette machine production line into production, we need to make trial production test on the briquette machine equipment to prevent the occurrence of technology error after putting into normal production. During the period, the trial production of briquette machine should meet the following three conditions:
1. Sufficient raw materials for production;
2. The operator of the various production processes of briquette machine has been determined and passed the technical examination.
3. The necessary administrative organization is complete and complete.
After meeting the above three conditions, it is possible to carry out the trial production of briquette machine.

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