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The significance of using sawdust briquette machine

The process of making sawdust briquettes with sawdust briquette machine is to make the rural waste sawdust into biomass briquettes with the help of the sawdust briquette machine. Sawdust briquette machine for sale is the machine used to achieve the conversion of waste sawdust to quality briquette. Using sawdust briquette machine for sale is of great significance in reality.


As is known to all, China is the agricultural country and the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers are the major factors restricting the development of the whole national economy. The potential of the rural is the guarantee of domestic demand for the fast yet steady economic growth and also the "reservoir" for the realization of socialist modernization in the new global system. Then, how to make better use of the "reservoir"? Sawdust briquette machine is produced at the right moment. In the past, the straw, sawdust and other agricultural wastes in our country are used for feeding or making manure with disadvantages of small utilization volume and poor circulation, while the use of sawdust briquette machine for sale can overcome the shortcomings existing in the former utilization, and it also has many advantages:

1, The utilization of sawdust briquettes produced by sawdust briquette machine for sale as feed can solve the problem of long distance transportation cost, increased the marketability, and solved the problem of the high temperature curing and molding of sawdust materials. Sawdust briquette feed made by sawdust briquette machine for sale has paste fragrance and long-term preservation without getting bad, which solved the feeding problem of pastoral areas after grazing prohibition, also reduced the local straw resource competition of large farms, making straw diversion possible;

2, Sawdust briquette can also be used as fuel. The calorific value of 1.5 tons of sawdust briquette is equivalent to 1 ton of coal. The cost of 3000 yuan each year for every household can be saved if using sawdust briquettes as fuel. For biomass power plants, the savings are a huge number;

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3, The great significance of using sawdust briquette machine is not only confined to the agricultural and civil fields, it has also played a positive role in promoting the gasifier combustion and the renovation of boiler in rural areas. It also makes the industrialization route of sawdust briquette machine more clear and to the spires of comprehensive utilization of straw, serving agriculture, civil, industrial and other fields all-round.

With the strengthen of energy crisis and people’s environmental protection consciousness, the significance of using sawdust briquette machine for sale will be more remarkable.

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