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Application of spot inspection in the maintenance of briquette machine

Spot inspection is often used in equipment maintenance, mainly rely on the five senses of human body to make inspection of surface of equipment. As a result, various abnormal phenomena, such as motor heating, parts damage, material leakage, abnormal vibration can be found timely in the operation. Spot inspection has the following application features in terms of maintenance and management of briquette machine:

inspection of briquette machine

1. Set of people: make spot inspection on the professional knowledge of the operation personnel of briquette machine, such as temperature control of carbonizing furnace, briquette density of briquette machine and discharging speed; the best control ratio of the dryer to material moisture.
2. Set of point: be clear about the parts of briquette machine where malfunction happens easier, such as the propeller of briquette machine, temperature thermal inductance device of the dryer, flue gas recovery device of carbonizing furnace, etc.
3. Set of record: including production records of briquette machine, abnormal records, accessories damage record.
Once spot inspection is formed in the production of briquette machine, it can help operators in emergency treatment of equipment that have been inspected and increases a green line for the protection and maintenance of briquette machine.
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