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How to adjust the temperature of briquette machine at work?

The quality of briquette produced by briquette machine mainly depends on the temperature in the operation of briquette machine. However, there are a lot of customers who can not control the temperature in the briquetting process quite well when using the briquette machine. As a result, the quality of briquettes they produced is not good enough. Thus, we would explain the temperature control in the production of briquette machine for customers.

temperature of briquette machine at work

First of all, we should know that the purpose of raw material heating is to make the lignin softening to increase the viscosity of material for high pressure molding. If the temperature is too high, the raw material would be over softened. Although the discharging speed of briquette is fast, the briquette produced is not firm. While if temperature is too low, the viscosity of raw material is poor, thus briquette produced is not strong and easy to form fault fracture. The temperature in the production of briquette machine is mainly adjusted according to different raw materials. Generally speaking, the briquetting temperature of bamboo and wood raw materials is lower, which should be kept in 260℃-280℃. For hardwood and sawdust, the briquetting temperature should be controlled within 280℃-300℃. For straw and rice husk, the briquetting temperature can be 300℃ to 320℃. Of course, the temperature of briquetting should also consider the actual moisture content of raw material. When making briquettes with the same kind of raw materials, the temperature is also different, which should be controlled flexibly by operators. In addition, the color of briquette produced by briquette machine need not to be too deep, dark brown is appropriate.

To cut the production cost of briquette machine production and avoid unnecessary operation, we can start from the raw materials. To ensure the raw material drying can reduce the repeated operation of the dryer. The following are two methods of raw material treatment that can help to reduce the production cost:
1. The moisture-proof measures before raw material drying. The vacuum storage can reduce environmental humidity on raw materials, avoid adding inner moisture. Good control of the moisture of raw materials before drying can reduce the drying processing time in the process of raw materials in briquette machine production.
2. The moisture-proof measures of raw materials before briquetting. Since the moisture content of the raw material should be controlled within 6-12% in the operation of briquette machine production, and the raw material shall not influenced by environment humidity before making briquettes, otherwise the briquettes produced may not up to the standard. Therefore, it's quite important to reduce repeated drying of raw materials.

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